Oregon retirement planning starts TODAY!

Oregon retirement planning strategies are often as unique as the individual. In other words, the best Oregon retirement planning methods for one person might not do the trick for someone else.

Titus Financial is here to help you plan for your retired years as soon as possible.

Oregon retirement planning tip #1:
Start saving right away

The sooner you get started, the easier saving will be. The challenge most people face is setting money aside as they get paid.

It helps to ask a parent or grandparent that survived a down economy for their advice. While you might be flush with a steady income and some savings today, tomorrow might bring along a very different economy.

Oregon retirement planning tip #2:
Check out specific Oregon options

Oregon residents are able to rely on some unique methods for retirement planning. In fact, the state Legislature has been busy working on a statewide plan to assist Oregon residents with retirement savings.

Any retirement fund you have set up through an employer, especially a pension plan, should be examined on a regular basis (every 3 months or so). Make sure your funds are growing regularly and that you have not been disqualified on a technicality for your pension. It is a nasty shock to expect those funds, only to discover they are missing.

Oregon retirement planning tip #3:
Meet with an expert

If you want to sit down with a financial life planner, be sure to give Titus a call! Our Oregon retirement planning experts can help you create a plan that is right for you.

Your unique goals, challenges, resources and responsibilities will be examined. From there, we can help you establish the best retirement plan on paper. We can also help you spot risks that may require you to update your retirement plan.

Contact our financial life planning team today for more information!